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Upcoming Virtual Events

March 15-16- FP&A 3rd Generation Solutions Showcase
3rd Generation FP&A software is delivered as a service and offers a user-centric design, low cost, shorter implementation times, many self-service features, native ERP integration, and delivers a quick/high ROI.  Third generation FP&A tools mean the democratization of best-in-class FP&A for companies of all sizes.

Join us to discover the current landscape of 3rd generation FP&A tools and experience leading 3rd generation tools in action to help you to chose the technology that will empower your FP&A team to impact performance across the enterprise.


March 22- Intelligent AR: Data Driven Collections Forecasting, Risk Analysis, and Cash Application
s all the hype around automation and artificial intelligence (AI) in accounts receivable justified? The short answer is yes. Companies are leveraging technology to minimize bad debt leveraging intelligent risk analysis, deliver predictability to collections forecasting to empower better working capital management, and remove the headaches of cash application.

Join us to discover how companies are:    
  * Using AI to compare a customer’s past and current payment behaviors, categorize customers based on risk level, and leveraging  
      AI-driven insights and analytics to prioritize payment reminders to riskier customer groups to reduce late or non-payments.    
   * Leveraging data to improve business decisions with collections forecasting that can accurately predict incoming payments up to 120 days
      in advance.    
   * Applying payments seamlessly with AI-driven remittance management.    
   * Proactively handing deductions and short pays while automating approval workflows and limiting incorrect deductions through