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December 13- Supplier Relationships Matter- Leveraging Technology to Transition from Transactions to Relationships
Supplier relationships matter. The strength of supplier relationships impacts contract terms, and the timing and type of supplier payments which can have meaningful impacts on the bottom line.  Friction in supplier relationships impact productivity within and beyond accounts payable and procurement, inflates payments processing costs and facilitates working capital management decisions that are less than optimal.  Join us to discover 7 bottom-line impacts from supplier management done right.


December 15- Intercompany Operations Excellence - Why it Should Matter to CFOs

Intercompany operations can greatly impact the financial results of companies that transact across borders. However, until now, little research has been published that focuses on how the health of intercompany processes impacts strategic business outcomes. The Intercompany Financial Management: Benchmarks, Challenges, Expectations survey was conducted in September of 2022 to benchmark the challenges companies face in the arena of intercompany, to assess how companies are leveraging technology in managing intercompany operations, and to offer a preview of how intercompany will look in 2023 relative to this year.  

Join us for our analysis of the survey data and key implications. Our discussion will include how intercompany has significant impacts on business outcomes, finance and accounting operations, and finance and accounting staff, the diverse challenges and driver of complexity that technology can address, and a look into what intercompany will look like in 2023.