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August 10, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET

Insurance in Treasury:
The Why and the How


Treasury has unique visibility and insights into all aspects of any company. Risks come from across the enterprise, so where better to manage risk than within Treasury? Insurance also offers the treasurer the opportunity to get out of the traditional disciplines of simply managing liquidity and bank accounts.

Join us as Damian Glendinning, the chairman of the CompleXCountries advisory board & former Treasurer of Lenovo takes on questions and has conversation with Treasury thought leader Ernie Humphrey to explore the following:  
*  Why should insurance be in treasury  
*  Right-sizing coverages in tightening coverage markets
*  The value of captives  
*  The use of brokers  
*  Balancing self-insurance & buying risk  
*  Cyber insurance